It is with him–without her– with other friends– with other ends–with other companions–with other constellations–with other conversations–with other contemplations–with other better bigger warmer seas–

Considerable: a failure of pride, the work of the devil; connotations of rewriting buried drafts; the consequence of sound is that you hear it even when it is no longer there; a sea, of tranquility, of sleepless seattles, of consequences; there is nothing left worth leaving save the presence that should have been constant but isn’t; never was; never will be; never could be; never again.

Considered: a timeline of seven years; six in all honesty; five in technicality, one by intimacy, and confidence, and heart; she cries because she is angry, she is angry because she cries; he lies–to her–with other men–dead; the consequence of willful ignorance is the resulting paradox, the question of did you or did you not know; an ocean, at the end of the lane, is a collection of seas, of regrets and consequences, of could-have-beens; cruel is the mind that allows for revision yet keeps track of the changes made; cruel is the heart that refuses to remember what it insists on forgetting; on letting live; on keeping dead.

Considerations: it was never meant to last; excuses are not only for the weak-willed; excuses are exclusively for the stupid; if it is dark then it must be because someone snuffed the lights out; it is never because the lights were too old, burnt out, needed changing; a lake, of memories best left alone, of lethargy so powerful it keeps you awake, of inarticulate longing and a dreaded painful silence; the consequence of death is the cruel life that lives on afterwards, because of the willful ignorance of a soundless pulse that believes it exists despite the loss of a beating heart;


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