v. buried, drowning beneath a huge mass

The past weeks have gone by in a blur. I do not recall more than half of what has happened, other than academic concerns. I only remember feeling a tinge of jealousy over some people’s closures, and these other remarkable events:

  • I sold copies of an album that contained seven of my own songs, called Portraiture due to its incredibly personal nature, and people seemed to like it so I have that going for me. Trouble is, I was never good at… well, whatever this is. So it has been pretty rough, but I am positive I have gone through much, much worse so I am sure I will be fine;
  • I met Conchitina Cruz, and she is more beautiful than I had imagined. Timing is glorious: I finally had money to buy Dark Hours, and I got it signed, and now I’m sure I can live on in peace;
  • Adam David drew Pikachu saying ‘Ash!’ on my copy of The El Bimbo Variations, a joke which I thought too old (evidently not);
  • When a Map is Folded…



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