n. an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something

They say the author is dead.

Last night you were alive in a dream.

Tell me, why does it feel like you live in the ink and the spaces between words and pages and pictures? I forever rue the moment I caught sight of your face. This will not last long, I am sure — none ever did, save perhaps the one — but it isn’t any less real.

And if I am wrong, then I could always wish you away. I find solace in knowing we will no longer meet, because we live in such fundamentally different worlds and you are leagues away.

In these quiet moments I wonder what it is about your words that got me, caged me so earnestly that I find myself staring blankly at the white pages, caught in the movie in my head that runs through images of tangled wires and footbridges, palace facades and chiseled gods…

A week ago you were in a corner, quiet and unassuming.

A fortnight ago you were only ever a name. . . .


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