The long march ahead

The universe conspires; whether it is against or for you is a matter of little consequence.

I suppose when one grows up, one finds accepting things easier… Not in the way of letting go, no, because gods know that it is never easy and does not gets any easier with time (quite the opposite), but in how much easier it becomes to understand from all sides and watch horizons stretch from unseen end to unseen end.

I watched the sun set, once, on a bridge by the river. Across the road were three mountains of majesty and renown, close enough but that I had never been to in all my short existence. It was a quiet moment of peace for me, one I have not had since last year.

It occurred to me that in this universe of stars I would never wish on and planets I would never know and people I would never meet and places I would never see, I am, fundamentally, just one person. Just one girl, irrelevant to the rest of this universe of stars and planets and people and places.

My universe knew me well.

I do not believe in gods, but I believe in circumstances, and the choices that made them so.

If I believe you
would that make it stop?


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