Not much to say about last year…

…but I’m just thankful for:

  • The Boyfriend: I’m surprised he hasn’t gone running off yet. Perhaps he’s just too lazy to break up with me and find a new girlfriend; I do believe he really loves me, though. If I’m wrong, well then, I’m wrong.

    I can be anywhere but where you aren’t.

  • The Beast Friend: I don’t get to see her often now, but nothing has changed in our friendship. It would be a Herculean task to try and find a better and more constant friend.

  • The Bestest Friend: much of my life’s most ridiculous moments happened either with him or because of him. At any given moment we could be at each other’s throats, but we’ve learned to be tolerant of our individual quirks and near-violent tendencies. This bestest-friendship just popped into existence sometime between midnight and five in the morning nearly three years ago, and I am aware it could dissipate in just the same amount of time. So far it hasn’t, which – considering how difficult a person I think I am – it nothing short of a great compliment to him and his patience.

    I mean, he is old.

This isn’t the full list, but these people are the ones who deserve a corny New Year’s thanks. After all, they’re ones who’ve had to put up with all my bullcrap last year, and all the years before it that they’ve had to spend with me. They’re also the ones I will never tire of apologising to, because I am aware that sometimes I suck at being a friend but they keep forgiving me for it anyway. Any more and I’m gonna cry.

I’ll shut up now.

If it means anything at all, I love you.


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