I want to eat buckets of ice cream tonight, never mind the stomach ache tomorrow

Would you rather be accused of something you didn’t do and still not do it anyway, or would you just start doing it already so the accusations don’t go to waste? I don’t really know. Pragmatism tells me I should not let their efforts of doubting me go unappreciated, but my (slightly skewed) sense of justice makes me want to just let them stew in the convoluted recesses of the prodigiously malicious minds, and watch them try to swallow their stupid pride once they realise they were wrong, oh so fucking wrong.

It’s just that it’s so frustrating, and I’m angry — oh, no, we can’t really tell now can we — because I’m not doing anything wrong. At all. If staying active in my only school organisation is a bad thing then fine, I’ve been so bad and I don’t deserve a shard of confidence and trust in me anymore, but as far as I’m concerned, that is my only fault and it isn’t even a truly terrible one.

(Would that I could just hole myself up in my room every time I don’t have classes… but of course they wouldn’t want that because why aren’t you studying and why aren’t you in school are you skipping your classes blah blah blah.)


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