That fleeting quiet world

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The sky was beautiful today.

Right after we got kicked out of the library (it closes at 6PM, so technically we just had to leave, but hey, I wanna use that phrase), we decided to walk around and ended up at the Entrepreneurship Building, to the farther corners of the university. It was getting dark, but I didn’t mind. Up in that rooftop, all I could hear was the gentle hum of the generators (CASURECO II will always confound me); it was a wondrous feeling, and what I was unconsciously looking for.

I needed the peace and quiet. I needed to control the euphoria of being with people who know and don’t mind my many-faceted problems. It always gets too happy with them, too unbelievable, and when I have to force myself back into the tedious environment of Accountancy majors it’s so taxing (no pun intended, please). I love them, I really do, but that’s the problem right there, and I’m the problem over here.

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We walk a lot. It’s a habit born out of our lack of money (and money management skills) and those days from high school when we used to try and make the most of our time together going home. I never paid attention to it until right now while I type this up and look at this picture which I took serendipitously. It doesn’t really mean much, I guess; or if it did, I’m still inept at getting it out.

Still… I guess I just realised now that I really like walking with him.

At varying points of the day, we’d usually see each other briefly. He’s busy with his stuff and I’m busy with mine, and as I’m no longer the attention-seeking baby I once was three years ago, I’ve learned to deal with the very occasional hi-hello when one of us goes looking for the other. The rest of the day happens, and then at nine in the evening, we go home. We walk and talk about things that go from school-related to absolutely-annoying jokes.

The curious thing is, this is the only time when we get to really talk.

So yeah.

I really like walking with him.



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